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Welcome to zhongying water supply Hunan, China Website

  Industry famous brand

20 years experience in water supply, Energy saving technology has reached the world advanced level

Tens of thousands of Customer witness, market recognized brand name!

Advanced production technology, modern management, quality assurance

Energy saving equipment

Use of the world's advanced frequency control technology, energy saving than traditional technology 30-60%

Cooperate with world class brand raw material suppliers. Good quality trustworthy!

Human machine interface, intelligent operation, high cost performance, equipment life more than 20 years

Quick provide solution

Senior engineer dedicated service, from design, quotation to after-sales service, so you worry free.

According to the actual situation of the project, to provide you with the most energy-efficient water supply equipment

One to one service, 15 minutes within the approved parameters, 30 minutes for you to make design

Security services,No worries

Fast service: the province of 24 hours, 48 hours, arrived at the scene, let you with ease.

24 hours online service: free technical advice, free design, free training, First class service

One year warranty, life-long maintenance. Professional service team, let you no worries.

Hanchuan, Hubei, the Inland Revenue Department

Hanchuan, Hubei, the Inlan

Hanchuan, Hubei, the Inland Revenue Department office building a set of non negative pressure frequency conversion equipm...

Guangxi Guilin Ronghu primary school a set of

Guangxi Guilin Ronghu prim

Guangxi Guilin Ronghu primary school a set of fire protection water supply equipment with a preparation of 1.5kw,The scho...

Huayin Xi

Huayin Xi'an County People

Huayin Xi'an County People's hospital procurement 5.5kW three a constant pressure water supply system,Huayin Xi'an County...

Guizhou City, Guizhou hotel purchasing 2.2kW w

Guizhou City, Guizhou hote

Guizhou City, Guizhou hotel purchasing my unit customization 2.2kW with a preparation of non negative pressure water supp...

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